Puppy area / whelping room
Primary design concept, was to integrate a fully functioning puppy area, within th kennel block. Having made do in the past, we decided it was an absolute necessity to create a self contained puppy-delivery-room.
Having always had litters in the house, and making a whelping area within an existing room. We decided early on, we needed to make the puppy and kennel areas, more municipal, for both us the "mum" and of course, all the newborns rellies. We decided it would be best then, to create the whelping area within its own dedicated room. Which when we are not expecting a litter, can also be multi-functional.
Home from Home
Due to the sheer size of newfs, and their often clumsyness in stepping on things, that they really wished they hadnt, we early on concluded, we would be full time carers for the new born pups, until they at least were weaned of Mum. As it happens, we have a terrific system, in place, not dissimilar to a factory, we have 3 shifts, a morning till mid afternoon , mid afternoon till night, and the "graveyard" shift, looking after the baby bears until morning.
Whelping Box
As with all breeders we try to think and plan ahead. Including most importantly, make sure you have your vets after hours and business hours telephone numbers at hand. The whelping area, must be clean, dry and draught free. It also needs to be big enough to take a fully grown heavily pregnant newfoundland bitch, her 8 or more pups, 2 adults and rest/play and food/drink areas. Furthermore, it needs to have puppy railing fitted at about 8 inches (200mm) off the floor, running the entire perimeter of the pen. This prevents mum squashing any pups whilst shes either asleep or feeding.
Heat and Light
Its of paramount importance to have a infrared heat lamp, good quality professional lamps can be picked up off ebay fairly cheaply, and the bulbs can be purchased almost anywhere. Generally a 275w Screw fitting heat lamp ( not the SES type ) Make sure that the lamp is on a secure chain, that can be adapted by raising and lowering as the temperatures fluctuate. Plenty of light is needed to at all times, especially during birth. We use low wattage floodlights (36w each)
Some bits for 2 legged people
A purpose built whelping room, would not be fully equipped without some home comforts. These include, a bed settee to curl up on and have a nap, between feeds. A tv and dvd player to watch late night movies, with well equipped bar fridge, containing eggs milk and the odd beer and soft drink. Also a microwave is good to have on hand, for whe you need to make scrambled eggs ( a favourite of Newfs ( always use Goat/Soya milk )).
Some bits for the 4 legged critters
Apart from the whelping area, its also fundamental for us to be totally autonomous, and not reliant on the main house. We have 2 table areas, for grooming, 1 of which holds our digital scales for weighing the pups each and every day. We also have a draw-unit with cupboard storage for old newspapers, towells, medicines and grooming tools.
Jacuzzi for the Newfs
Well not quite but we have a dedicated Hydro-Bath permanently set up, to wash and bathe our dogs. Its absolutely essential with newfs.

 Everything including the kitchen sink
Well if your gonna do it , do it right. The need for a deep sink is an absolute luxury in a shed ( Kennel Block ) but its a must have. Everything from washing dog bowls, to washing new born pups ( only sponge clean your pups for first 6-8 weeks, with slightly moist sponge ) We have for now just used a multi spray head on the hose, and rigged it up to the sink. Works great for now.
No chance here. This room, is an ongoing project and no doubt will change as time progresses and we learn from our mistakes. It does have a couple of nifty features. A broadband connection from the main house, and a telephone line is due to be installed too ( or may go wireless ) But unfortunately neither of these will be working for our next litter due ( January 2007 ) so this time we wont be able to rig up the puppy cam, but we will for our next litter, possibly ( late 2007/2008)

We hope you enjoy our puppy area, and perhaps get some ideas, or indeed feel motivated to make suggestions, in helping improve the quality of a Newf Puppy's Life